Nazanin Gave Life To A Truly Dazzling Song, “Red Light”

Persian-Jewish descendant, US-based singer-songwriter Nazanin has recently followed-up on her debut song “Infatuation” with a fresh release, “Red Light.” She indeed did a great job at conveying her emotions to the audience through a hypnotic and stunning track. Viewers can relate to her musical embodiment on many levels. 

The songwriter has definitely been destined for greatness, a life where she will inspire various emerging artists and individuals to chase their dreams with the same hunger she’s been displaying. A conservative environment somewhat surrounded her early years. Growing up in a traditionalist Persian-Jewish town was perhaps why she heroically launched her musical career. Fulfilling her potential and manifesting her endless motivation is critical for Nazanin to reach her dreams. 

She sways between pop and R&B, sometimes even using the jazz genre to piller her beautiful vocals. She sounds confident and in control, backed by a fearless spirit that allowed her to create a sonic potion that will go to infinity and beyond. 

For now, enjoy her latest release, “Red Light.” 

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