Method Man Gives His Take On Ghostwriting

Opinions from rap legends have been shared more than ever, and most have been a bit controversial. Method Man is one of the latest to share his thoughts on one of rap’s most talked about subjects, ghostwriting.

Method Man

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Method Man’s flow and rhymes have been respected for decades and have been credited with being original. 

While interviewing on Math Hoffa’s Youtube show, the legendary Wu-Tang member was asked how he feels about ghostwriting and responded bluntly.

“I don’t give a f*ck, but when you want to talk about the top five emcees, you’ve already eliminated yourself” he said.

Method man also feels like rappers in the industry having ghostwriters isn’t a surprise but should not be taken seriously amongst being the best of all time. He ends the video with: 

“It’s certain (rappers), when you hear their verses, you pay attention because you know this n*gga bout to say some sh*t.”

Breezy Breaks It Down

Chris Brown has also commented on ghostwriters and the distinctions that come with it for hip-hop and R&B. Brown feels as if anybody can write, but it’s all about who performs it well.

In a quote he made while on the Drink Champs podcast, he said, “They can write it, but who’s gonna sing it like me.” He also mentioned in his interview that he has writers that work with him but feels that the deliverance of stage presence and vocals matter the most.