Master P Appointed Chairman Of The Board For Shopify Alternative, “Launch Cart”

Hip-hop mogul and serial entrepreneur Master P was named Chairman of the Board for Launch Cart. The online e-commerce platform is dedicated to entrepreneurs creating and launching their online stores.

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Master P’s New Role

On Jan. 17, hip-hop veteran and business mogul Master P announced that he is the new Chairman of the Board for Launch Cart.

“I’m looking forward to helping the team reach new heights through my experience, leadership, and influence,” the renowned mogul said in a statement. “I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed, and I’m confident that together, we can make a real impact and take Launch Cart to the next level.”

The “Burbons and Lacs” artist has been in the public eye for many of his latest business ventures, including collaborating with Snoop Dogg to create the first Black-owned cereal brand. In addition, he also shared the exciting news on Instagram.

What is Launch Cart? + Co-Founders Share Gratitude for P’s Involvement

Touted as an alternative to Shopify, the e-commerce brand officially launched in February 2022. Launch Cart is built to lower the barrier of entry for small business owners with no upfront costs or payments. 

“We’re thrilled to have the iconic philanthropic businessman Percy Miller join the Board of Directors as Chairman,” Co-founder of Launch Cart Greg Writer said. 

Co-founder Bernt Ullmann chimed in, “Our partnership will make it easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their dreams of starting an online business, building a brand, and generating income.”

Master P & Romeo’s Public Feud

In December 2022, Master P’s son Romeo went public with his feelings toward P shortly after P commented on the passing of famed hip-hop choreographer tWitch. The rapper-turned-actor claimed P does not practice what he preaches and has not paid him for any of his songs.