Lil Wayne Celebrates Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 10-Year Anniversary

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne is celebrating his protégé’s success. Weezy F. Baby has acknowledged Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday debut album’s 10-year anniversary.

Lil Wayne’s Turnt For Nicki Minaj’s Pink Day

Weezy F. Baby hopped onto his Instagram page to celebrate Nicki’s special day. Wayne shared a compilation clip acknowledging the 10-year birthday.

“Happy 10 year Anniversary!!! @nickiminaj#PinkFriday#Queen 🤙🏾” -Lil Wayne’s Instagram

“Love you. Forever. And ever. Thank you for everything. 🙏🏾” -Nicki Minaj

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Lil Wayne’s turnt for Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday anniversary.

Nicki Minaj Celebrates Pink Friday

Earlier in the day, Onika went to her popular social media page to geek out over her run in the rap game. She also reflected on some of the album’s most popular standout tracks.

“I love this emoji Twitter gave us in honor of the big day. Use one or more of these tags with every tweet. What was your favorite song on #PinkFriday ?????” -Nicki Minaj’s Twitter

Nicki Minaj celebrates Pink Friday.

Nicki Minaj Announces Pink Friday Virtual Party

Earlier in the week, Onika went to her Twitter page to get fans pumped. While she didn’t provide much in details, Nicki did vow to have something special worked up for the Friday virtual event.

“Barbz, Friday is the 10 year anniversary of Pink Friday. 🥺🦄 get your outfits ready for the virtual celebration. 🎀 … Ummm barbz why yall starting the celebration already? It starts tmrw night. I’m not even dressed yet. Go to bed” -Nicki Minaj’s Twitter

Onika Returns W/ NBA Youngboy

In early November 2020, Nicki teamed up with rap star NBA Youngboy for their “What That Speed Bout?!” music video premiere. The must-see visual features them going futuristic and adding a new twist to sci-fi.