Latto Gets Dragged Into Falsely Advertised FAMU Homecoming Performance

Students and alumni at Florida A&M University won’t be getting their dream homecoming performance. Recently, an event poster promised a Latto performance, but it turned out to be false advertisement.


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HBCU homecoming season brings out some of the best stars to perform during the week of fun. FAMU advertised a concert for the City Girls and Latto, but when the Atlanta native learned the news, she quickly denied it.

Although it had been advertised for weeks, Latto said she wasn’t even booked for the event.

Students reacted to the news on Twitter, saying that Latto is still on  tour with Lizzo.

“Latto still on tour with Lizzo lol them ppl never booked her fr and they wasn’t gone tell y’all until the day of”

The Student Government Association at FAMU cleared up the situation the following day saying a third-party promoter provided the wrong information. After receiving wire transfers from WRLD Entertainment, they confirmed the artists’ performance. 

The company denied all of Latto’s claims.

For a second,  it appeared Latto had a change of heart. She was willing to work out a performance despite her busy schedule but pushed back, claiming the university was sabotaging her reputation. 

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