Latto & Doechii Feud Explained: Drama At The Billboard Women In Music Awards?

The Billboard Women in Music Awards took an interesting turn after Doechii and Latto received their awards. Fans believe Latto’s speech was shady towards Doechii after it sounded similar to the one the Florida artist gave earlier.

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The Billboard Women in Music Awards, which was held at the Los Angeles YouTube Theater on March 1, featured an all-star lineup that included Doechii, Latto, Kim Petras, Becky G, and many others.

Doechii Wins “Rising Star” Award

After Doechii received the “Rising Star” award, the Tampa native gave her acceptance speech where she acknowledged the female artists who won the award before her. The artists she mentioned included Janelle Monae, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj.

The “Persuasive” artist has shown that Nicki Minaj has been a major influence in her music, from songs like “Spooky Coochie” to her XXL freestyle.

Latto’s “Shady” Speech

Shortly after Doechii’s speech, Latto received the “Powerhouse” award after she performed her new single “Lottery” with pop singer LU KALA. When the “Big Energy” rapper gave her acceptance speech it was oddly similar to the Bra-Less artist. 

The “He Say, She Say” rapper said she was “thankful,” for the award and mentioned those who won the award before her including Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat. Fans noticed in her speech that she strategically neglected to acknowledge the “Super Freaky Girl” rapper. 

It is unclear how the feud between the two artists began. However, fans believe it was an underhanded attempt to show the “Muwop” rapper was no longer a fan of the Queen artist. Before the award ceremony, Latto stated in an interview on the red carpet that she “loves Doechii down” and was excited to see her full performance before her own. 

The Beef That Started It All

After the Grammy nomination announcement, many fans anticipated that Nicki Minaj would finally win a Grammy for her song “Super Freaky Girl.” The song debuted at No. 1 and remained in the spot for 25 weeks, the same amount of time as “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey

After “Super Freaky Girl” was moved from the rap category to the pop category, it did not bode well for the “Moment 4 Life” rapper. However, Latto was also up for a Grammy nomination for her song “Big Energy,” which was placed in the rap category.

Shortly after, Nicki started a live stream to air out her frustrations. The Queen of Da Souf singer decided to have a one-on-one conversation to resolve the issue at hand but things took a turn for the worse.

The conversation between the two was secretly recorded and a Twitter feud was the result. The tweets have since been deleted and it is unclear if the two have buried the hatchet.

Latto Claps Back After Fan Refers To Her As 21 Savage’s “Mistress”

Latto has been in full defense mode lately. Recently, The 777 artist tweeted celebratory emojis for the ranking of her latest single “Lottery” when a fan chimed in on her personal life.