L.H. Releases New Mixtape ‘L.H. DOOM’

Released on YouTube on the 18th February 2022, Chicago-based rapper L.H.’s latest mixtape ‘L.H  DOOM’ is an effortless masterpiece, combining contemporary production with an old-school  undercurrent.

The 7-track project, which features L.H. rapping over beats inspired by MF DOOM’s project  ‘Special Herbs,’ follows in the footsteps of his previous EP ‘Xxxibition,’ released last summer.  Continuing with his distinctive fast-paced lyrical flow, rhythmic backdrops and enticing  storytelling, L.H. has crafted his own hip-hop universe with ‘L.H. DOOM.

The fluidity of ‘L.H. DOOM’ is a credit to L.H.’s songwriting and production, the album transitions  smoothly from one song to the next in a unified collection, that brings together chilled vibes with  undertones of blues, creating something nostalgic and familiar, while being completely unique to L.H.  

Opening the album is ‘RS Flow’, an uplifting presence, constructed around hip hop beats, electric  guitar and L.H.’s impressive flow. The quick-paced vocals are a well-executed contrast to the  instrumentation. Throughout ‘L.H. DOOM’ the drums are a consistent feature, the bass line sets  the groove, while L.H. experiments with vocal effects, weaving echoing backing vocals in and out

of the album. ‘LoVeHaTe’ leans into nostalgia, with the strings becoming a prominent feature,  while the sprinkling of an electric piano adds a brightness, pinned down by melodic vocals, before  L.H. tells the story through expressive delivery.

The musical landscape of the opening tracks has a ripple effect throughout the rest of the album. ‘Raided’ embraces the jazzy blues of piano and drums, manipulating vocal effects, while ‘Ramble’  showcases L.H.’s effortless and smooth lyrical flow. ‘Green’ expands on the old-school vibes, with  the crackle of vinyl and playful bass lines and electric organ layers. As the longest song on the  album, ‘RSC Flow,’ captures voices speaking and the sound of applause which becomes the  backdrop to the track, while a characteristic string part and fluent beat continue to loop. The end  of the song becomes old archive recordings, with talks of gangsters and villains, an ominous  sound that glides back to the distinctive string loop.

Made It’ brings the mixtape to a close, laid-back instrumentation that lends itself to L.H.’s  captivating flow. An echoed vocal line is the final sign out for ‘L.H. DOOM’. L.H.’s entertaining  vocal delivery is what makes his music personal, a charismatic personality in each track, so that the  music can be visualised. It comes as no surprise that his own record label is aptly named Visual  Audio. As the owner of Visual Audio, L.H. retains complete control of his creativity, heading out  on a 6 date city tour, setting up multiple DIY tours and being fully immersed in every project he  sets his mind to.

L.H., the talented artist, is now available for shows, features, and collaborations. With a unique blend of creativity and skill, L.H. offers an engaging and unforgettable experience. Don’t miss the chance to engage with L.H.‘s incredible talent and explore exciting artistic opportunities.

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Stream ‘L.H. DOOM’  here: https://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/57180/lh-doom.html