Kodak Black Assassination Attempt Confirmed By Cops

Florida rapper Kodak Black almost had his life taken from him – no cap. Police are looking into what seemed to be an assassination attempt on the rap star’s life.

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Kodak Black Shooting Confirmed As Attempted Assassination

Authorities have been looking into online threats in light of the shooting involving “ZEZE” hip-hop heavyweight at a Tallahassee McDonalds. The feds say it wasn’t just a drive-by shooting but rather attempted murder, and are looking into it deeper.

#TSRUpdatez: As we previously reported, #KodakBlack’s security guard was injured on Monday morning in a shooting that authorities believe was an intentional hit on Yak.”

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Kodak Black shooting confirmed as assassination attempt.

Cops Looking Into Southside’s Threats

Southern producer Southside might have to deal with a little law enforcement in the near future. New reports claim cops are considering him and other sources in connection to a near-death shooting of his rap rival Kodak.

According to reports, the interest in Southside comes after he recently threatened Black for name-dropping his girlfriend Yung Miami on social media. While he isn’t a suspect, Southside might have to field questions from police.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Monday morning’s shooting down in Florida appears to be a hit and not just an armed robbery. We’re told police are aware of a series of online threats to Kodak’s life, and cops are looking into them. We’re told cops are specifically reviewing threatening comments apparently made by music producer Southside during an Instagram Live Sunday, seemingly in response to Kodak’s IG Live mention of Southside’s girlfriend, City Girls rapper Yung Miami. However, our law enforcement sources tell us they have no named suspects in the shooting right now … and the investigation remains open and ongoing. (TMZ)

Cops looking into Southside’s Kodak Black threats.

Kodak Black Breaks Silence On Attempted Shooting

This week, Kodak specified in a video that the incident was street beef-related rather than Southside following through on his threat that he would “pull up” on KB. Presently, authorities have not yet identified the suspects that opened fire on Kodak and his entourage.

“That was just some little bullsh*t – some sh*t that transpired on some lame sh*t. If a n*gga would have really stepped out here, if you a real steppa out here, you going to know. I’m in this baby blue sh*t – ‘That’s Yak whip right there.’ … That wasn’t something like somebody was trying to do something to me. Like somebody was trying to do something to me. … B*tch, I do my sh*t, I do my sh*t out here. … That’s just some little bullsh*t. Little bullsh*t, homie, type sh*t – come on, man.”

Ambushed In Florida Shooting

According to initial reports, the attack went down around 3 AM Monday morning when a shooter opened fire from a car tailing Kodak and his crew. Police claim the violence struck one of Black’s security guards.

Law enforcement sources say the rapper’s entourage was being followed by several cars attempting to cut them off as they left a nightclub, and Kodak’s camp pulled into the McDonald’s and blocked the entrance with a car while KB went inside to pick up an order. We’re told one of the cars tailing Kodak went to the McDonald’s, left and then came back … and that’s when people inside the vehicle started shooting. Kodak’s security guard was shot in the leg and rushed to a local hospital with serious injuries, police say, while Kodak was whisked away in an armored car and was unharmed. (TMZ)

Black’s lawyer immediately came forward to provide additional details on the shooting.

Kodak’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, tells TMZ … the security guard was in a car when he was struck by gunfire, and Kodak was not in the vehicle. The security guard is now in stable condition. (TMZ)