Kevin Gates Shares How He Battles Suicidal Thoughts & Promises “The Best Is Yet To Come”

Kevin Gates, the Louisiana-born rapper and entrepreneur, sat down with SOHH to discuss his struggles with mental health and how he overcame them. He opened up about combatting suicidal thoughts and how his work ethic has helped him reach new heights in his career.

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Kevin Gates Discusses Mental Health Journey

Kevin Gates, known for being relatable to his fans, spoke candidly about his mental health journey. He explained that combating depression, suicidal thoughts, and bullying begins inwardly with oneself. He said, “I understand that I’m not gonna have good days every day, but every day, I could do something to raise my vibrations.” 

The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence & Being Grateful

Gates also discussed the importance of emotional intelligence, gratitude, and a healthy diet to maintain a sound mental attitude. 

“I noticed that once I started changing my diet, I noticed that my diet had a lot to do with my mood. Before I had gotten on my health and wellness journey, I used to go to food for comfort, and sometimes, I would overeat, sometimes, I would not eat, and it was just due to me being emotionally uncomfortable, I guess. So I started exhibiting emotional intelligence.” 

Kevin Gates On Work Ethic & Career Goals

Even though Gates has been in the music industry for a while, he believes that the best is yet to come. He spoke about being a fashion designer and a lifestyle curator, and how his fans have not seen him on the small and big screens yet. 

“We’ve only just begun. Like people haven’t even seen me on the big and small screen yet. People don’t even know that I’m a lifestyle curator, people don’t even know that I’m a designer, you know I design my own clothes. It’s so many different things that people don’t even know about Kevin Gates.” 

Kevin Gates On Giving Back To The Community

Gates is also using his gifts and talents to give back to his community through the Kevin & Dreka Gates Foundation

“With great power comes great responsibility. God blessed me, and when you use the gifts that God gave you, that’s how you, in turn, bless God. Everybody’s born with a gift – It’s about utilizing it. You got to be a blessing to receive a blessing, so if I could be a blessing to others, it’s only going to allow me to go up, and that’s another part that makes you feel good.”