Kehlani Finally Gives Young M.A Her Reaction To Flirty ‘Hey Kehlani’ Shout-Out

West Coast crooner Kehlani is keeping it 100 for Young M.A. The popular singer joined M.A on her Apple Music 1 “Me Always Radio” to dish on everything from getting a flirty shout-out on 2019’s “BIG” anthem and working with rap artist Russ.

Kehlani Gives Young M.A “Hey Kehlani” Shout-Out Reaction

Despite the perception of the shout-out coming out of nowhere and putting Lani on the spot, Keh said she embraced it. She also joked about how many tattoos people can spot up and down her body.

“I loved it. I loved it. I thought it was really cool. I thought it was funny. I think that public reactions are just hilarious to me in general, so it was funny to see what people thought was going on or what they thought it meant, or just the timing on top of it. I don’t know, but I mean I am probably the most heavily tattooed woman in the industry, probably. So it was just, who else could you say? You know what I’m saying?” (“Me Always Radio with Young M.A”)

On Young M.A’s unforgettable 2019 “BIG” record, she kicks game at the crooner with her “Hi Kehlani” when rapping about liking women with tattoos.

Kehlani gives Young M.A “Hey Kehlani” reaction.

Kehlani Talks About Working With Russ

Lani also talked about working with Russ on their new “Take You Back” anthem. Keh detailed just how far back their relationship really goes.

“We knew each other for a while, and he was always trying to get a song going and the timing was never right. I was always busy or he would be in town and I would be gone, or I would be wherever he lives and then he would be gone. And it just kept happening like that. And so he actually got on his live and played the song and was like, “Y’all Kehlani would be fire on this.” And so my phone blew up, and then I listened and I was like, “Okay, I’m actually in the studio so just send it to me right now.” And then we knocked it out and it was really, really cool. And he shot this crazy a** video. The video is crazy.” (“Me Always Radio with Young M.A”)

Back On Her Grind

Lani also let the world know she’s already back on the music grind and determined to keep churning out new tunes.

“I was out of the way just taking some time. I think that I’ve been going really hard, dropping a project, shooting all the videos, directing the videos, editing the videos, just all of these things back to back to back. So I just needed some time to take a break from everything and just focus inward and not on work because I’ve been back in the studio already. I kind of never left. Even when I finished recording the album, I just kept going, so I just wanted to give myself a week.” (“Me Always Radio with Young M.A”)

Kehlani’s Savage Lifestyle

Recently, Lani flooded her Instagram page with shots of herself modeling Savage x Fenty lingerie.

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