Kanye West In For Coachella, Travis Scott Out

Coachella has some new headliners. Kanye West and Billie Eilish will be helming the show slated to happen in April 2022.

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Kanye West, Billie Eilish To Headline Coachella Instead of Travis Scott

Kanye West will be lighting up more stages this year as he is scheduled to headline this year’s Coachella festival with Gen Z star Billie Eilish. 

Many of Travis’ performances and brand partnerships have halted as he is still in the midst of the fallout from the tragedies that occurred at his Astroworld music festival in November. 

When the show was originally announced in 2020, Frank Ocean, Travis Scott, and Rage Against The Machine were the headliners. In the wake of the Astroworld tragedy, Travis was removed while Rage was off the bill and Ocean rescheduled to 2023.

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