JT Celebrates 28th Birthday In Flowery Fashion

Florida group City Girls’ JT is turning up. In honor of her 28th birthday this week, she took to social media to show off her celebration and fashion slaying.

JT Shares Birthday Slideshow

JT went to Instagram with a series of pictures. She shared her beautiful flower dress and a whole slideshow of herself posting up on her special day. The Florida rapper even shared a look at her insane cake.

“Twenty-Ate🌸🌺.” -JT’s Instagram

“Happy bday mamas, my fellow sag! 💕💕” -Teyana Taylor

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JT shares birthday slideshow from celebration.
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JT Gets X-Rated About Her Skills

JT is doing way too much on social media. The hip-hop star recently went online to give all women a reason to keep tabs on their significant others when she’s around. The Florida native went to her Twitter page and didn’t censor herself. JT admitted one key feature about her is enough to keep any man satisfied.

“My throat crazyyyyyyyyy he gone keep curving you! 😂” -JT’s Twitter

JT gets x-rated about her skills.
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JT’s Bathroom Bikini Flex

The City Girls member recently went to her Instagram page with an unexpected, must-see shot. The pic features her rocking a matching two piece bikini and snapping a bathroom selfie.

“Body-ody-ody-ody-ody😜” -JT’s Instagram

Lil Uzi Vert Stole Her Clothes?

The Sunshine State native recently went to her social media pages with a hilarious since-deleted post. Without giving much context, JT made a reference to former boo Lil Uzi Vert possibly jacking a fashionably accessory.

“N*gga stole my scarf – I wanted to do another look with it” -JT’s Twitter