Joe Budden Reveals Jay-Z Charged Him $250K To Hop On “Pump It Up” Remix

Joe Budden says a legendary rapper charged him $250K just to be featured on a remix to his hit song “Pump It Up”.

Joe Budden

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Joe Budden did an interview on the “Flip The Script” podcast with Queenzflip and DJ G Money.

During the interview, Joe talked about Jay-Z charging him $250K to do a verse on the remix to his hit “Pump It Up:

”I don’t think it was a big number I think that was his number, that’s my number to rap on this new artist remix, it was just big in my world but it wasn’t a big number.”

Later in the interview, Jow was questioned on whether Jay-Z could have helped Joe more while he was the president of Def Jam Records.

“Today I understand his disposition,” Joe said.

“What other black rapper became the President of a label anywhere and was still an artist, he had to manage his own shit,” he added.

Budden concluded by saying at the time, he was being “self-centered”.

“That was self-centered or more ignorance just not knowing, only looking at it from my perspective and my eyes, yeah that’s wrong.”

MoneyBagg Yo Shares How Much It Costs For A Verse

Last year on Twitter, Moneybagg shared an old conversation from one of his team members that revealed a feature was just $750. 

Though, a guest verse from the “Time Today” star will run you $100,000 and not a penny less.

“I Swear I Use To Get $750 For A Feature. Now Look, Dets A whole Nother Conversation”