JID’s Exclusive Album Scavenger Hunt Shutdown By NYPD

Dreamville rapper JID’s album scavenger hunt ended too soon last night.


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JID held an album scavenger hunt in three cities last night.

Fans were expecting to find a gold 2006 Pontiac G6 and to hear an exclusive early listen of his latest unreleased album, The Forever Story.

In addition, the Dreamville rapper also hinted that he would be at one of the three locations. 

However, in the New York location, the event was almost immediately shut down by the NYPD. 

Many fans were unable to listen to the album before cops arrived.

Furthermore, fans who took hours to hunt down the car were very disappointed. 

Dreamville posted the footage of the New York Police department pulling up and ruining the fun with the caption, “Then they saw patrol, it was time to roll ?”

The car’S driver and passenger were blasting songs from the album for about 15 minutes until cops arrived. The fans immediately started booing the police.

There is no sign this happened at any other of the locations in Atlanta or Los Angeles.


JID Gets Shutdown By NYPD

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