Jhené Aiko Confesses Her Greatest Insecurities On B-Day

R&B star Jhené Aiko is getting super deep and intimate with fans on her 33rd birthday. The popular singer shared a heartfelt message through social media confessing her personal struggles with insecurity related to her singing career, motherhood, and beyond.

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Jhene Aiko Is A Born Fighter

Aiko came clean in more than one way in the post, sharing that she’s been working on getting sober the last few years and overcoming trauma associated with anxiety and self-doubt.

“i’ve spent most of my life being extremely sensitive, drained and nervous when around a lot of people and/or multiple energies at once. i’ve spent most of my life with crippling insecurity… feeling awkward and shy in front of cameras and audiences. i’ve spent most of my life not understanding that my anxiety was causing a downward spiral, self medicating and self sabotage. motherhood, loss, depression, addiction… life is a f*cking trip. i’ve always felt the urge to express myself with the intention to overcome my emotions, and to share those expressions with the intention to help others.”

Jhené also talked about her journey to becoming sober and what methods helped her become stronger. In response to the post, her fans showered her with praise and also celebrated her well-deserved Grammy nominations.

“but anxiety, sensitivity, unhealed trauma and feelings of not belonging or ever being enough kept me from fully accepting or being comfortable with any type of spotlight. but little by little, and from time to time… i feel confident enough to be myself… shy, awkward and ALL… and step into the light. over the past couple of years i made a conscious decision to say yes and open myself up to even more opportunity and possibility, despite my reservations. i’ve spent the last few years getting sober… using sound, aroma and color therapy, proper diet, meditation, exercise, etc… to become a stronger, clearer vessel of love, truth and light. i will never be perfect, nor do i ever want to be seen as such… but when u see me, know u are looking at a fighter. and i know u are fighting too. so when u see me i hope you also see you.”

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Jhené Aiko confesses to fans on her B-day.

Jhené Aiko Hosted Big Grammys Event

This past weekend, the six-time Grammy nominee hosted the Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony. Aiko was up for three Grammys herself this year: Album of the Year and Best Progressive R&B Album (Chilombo), and Best R&B Performance (“Lightning and Thunder” with John Legend).

Jhené Aiko will host the official Grammys pre-show, which will take place March 14th at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT and be streamed live on the Grammys’ website. Aiko is nominated for three Grammys this year, including Album of the Year and Best Progressive R&B album for Chilombo, as well as Best R&B Performance for “Lightning and Thunder,” a duet with John Legend. The 63rd Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony will feature performances from Grammy nominees across various genres. (Rolling Stone)

Big Sean Gushes Over Jhené On 32nd B-Day

Exactly a year ago, Detroit rap star Big Sean went to Instagram to acknowledge his girlfriend turning 32. The hip-hop star dished on how much the crooner meant to him in his past, current and future lives.

“Happy 3.16 Queen @jheneaiko! Always proud but never surprised cause I know how great you are at everything you do. Even tho we gotta be inside n quarantine, you even make that sound good. I Love you from da past life to the next. 32 the Magic year, I’m a lucky a** n*gga.”

Jhené Aiko Is A Stunner In Beyonce’s Ivy Park

Aiko had everybody stunned, as usual. The publicized and rumored companion of rap star Big Sean recently went to social media to show off her figure wearing some Beyoncé Adidas Ivy Park gear.

“extra small @weareivypark”