J.Cole Released A New Single Using A YouTube Producer’s “J.Cole Type Beat”

NC’s finest J. Cole has released some new heat utilizing a beat he discovered on YouTube created by a producer that titled it after him. The producer has since expressed his gratitude to the Dreamville CEO.

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J.Cole’s new single “Procrastination (Broke)” reveals a touching story that proves you never know who’s watching. An upcoming producer that works with Beatstars named Bvtman was blessed with an unexpected text last night. 

The NY producer posted messages to Instagram from the president of Dreamville, Ibrahim Hamad. The president claimed Cole, out of curiosity, researched “J.Cole type beat” and came across Bvtman. 

In addition, Ibrahim then shared the file with the producer for the freestyle Cole did and gave him permission to do what he wished with the file. To which the Beatstars creator uploaded it to his personal YouTube channel for the world to hear. 

Bvtman says it’s still hard to believe that this really happened.

“It’s crazy how this happened. Randomly driving on the high with my shorty and I get a text from @kingofqueenz25 saying Cole fuccs with my beats. I almost ain’t believe this was real life…. But it is..”

The song is now at over 1 million views.

J.Cole To The Rescue

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