Hailie Jade Scott: 6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Eminem’s Daughter

Longtime fans and followers of rap icon Eminem have watched his daughter Hailie Jade grow up right in front of them.

Em’s passion and motivation to rhyme shines through when he talks about Hailie Jade, who he’s mentioned on several songs throughout his career and even featured on a few tracks when she was still a little kid. Hailie has found herself in the middle of some of Slim Shady’s beefs with other artists — which of course never ends well for those rappers who talk about Slim’s baby girl.

Eminem recently celebrated his 48th birthday, and if you hadn’t already noticed, that means Hailie Jade isn’t a little kid anymore.

The 24-year-old is a college graduate who is very much in the public eye with two million Instagram followers, but she might not be what some people would call a “celebrity.” There are some things that fans of Marshall Mathers and even fans of Hailie Jade may not know about her.

Hailie Jade’s Birthday Is On Christmas Day

Hailie Jade was born on Dec. 25, 1995, in Detroit. Her soon-to-be famous father was just 23 years old at the time, and her mother was 20. She was born one year before Eminem released his first studio album, Infinite. A couple of years later, he would be one of the hottest rappers in the game and eventually a global superstar. On the Infinite album, Eminen raps about raising a newborn daughter.

She Has Two Sisters And A Brother

While Hailie Jade is Eminem’s only biological child, she does have a few siblings. Hailie’s mother and Em’s ex-wife, Kim Scott, has a daughter and a son from other relationships. Hailie’s late aunt Dawn (Kim’s twin sister) has a daughter that Eminem and Kim adopted after Dawn passed away, making her Hailie’s adopted sister.

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Hailie Jade Appears On Several Eminem Songs

Hailie is mentioned by Eminem in at least 20 songs, including two that are named after her: “Hailie’s Song” from The Eminem Show, and “Hailie’s Revenge,” a diss track directed at Ja Rule. In “Hailie’s Song,” her dad raps, “Sometimes I think I’m crazy / I’m crazy, oh so crazy / Why am I here, am I just wasting my time? / But then I see my baby / Suddenly I’m not crazy / It all makes sense when I look into her eyes.” Marshall also brings up his daughter on “Kim,” “Forgot About D.R.E.” and “My Darling,” among other tracks. Hailie is featured on a few songs, too. Her tiny voice is heard on “Hailie’s Song” and “’97 Bonnie & Clyde” from The Slim Shady LP, and and she helps with the hook on “My Dad’s Gone Crazy” from The Eminem Show. In Slim’s video for “Mockingbird,” a young Hailie is seen in some old home movies.

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She’s Been Targeted By Eminem’s Rap Rivals

“Hailie’s Revenge” was Eminem’s clap back at Ja Rule, who in 2002 got the Shady one’s attention by talking about his 7-year-old daughter. On “Loose Change,” Ja rapped, “Em, you claim your mother’s a crackhead / And Kim is a known slut / So what’s Hailie gonna be when she grows up.” Eminem has revealed in songs and interviews that he regrets making Hailie such a prominent part of his music, in part because it made her a target of rappers (e.g. Nick Cannon) who were trying to get under his skin.

Hailie Jade Has A Long-Term Boyfriend

Hailie has been dating Evan McClintock for about three or four years. The couple met in college. Some guys might be intimidated by the prospect of dating Eminem’s daughter — no one wants to end up on his bad side and have Em’s lyrical bullets aimed at their head — but Eminem has only talked positively of Hailie and Evan’s relationship in public.

Hailie Jade Has A Degree From Michigan State University

Hailie Jade studied psychology at Michigan State University, and according to Eminem, she graduated with a 3.9 GPA. To our knowledge, she isn’t working in that field and instead gets paid as a social media influencer and model.