Gotti Banxx Drops Very Special Sonic Experience

Gotti Banxx’s much anticipated new release comes under the form of a new album titled Very Special, a R&B hip hop crossover one that sees the young Gotti at his sharpest and most inspired self we’ve seen in a while. The title well evokes what listeners are about to witness when playing the album; a ‘very special’ experience that instantaneously provokes our senses with soothing vibes. 

Inspired by Drake’s approach to music, blending rap with singing, Gotti Banxx is an artist in love with melodies and the power they hold, and Very Special is an incredible collection of songs that powerfully expose Banxx’s innate abilities. 

As all great artists polish their talent with unlimited hard work, Gotti knows exactly how much of himself he has given to music, and 2020 is the year for him to collect the fruits of his efforts.