Future Reacts To Landing Into Top 5 Artists Of 2010s Decade List W/ Drake, Eminem + Post Malone

Atlanta rapper Future knows his music is just different. The hip-hop veteran goes to his social media pages to toot his own horn and react to securing a spot in a “Most Streamed Artists of the 2010s Decade” list.

Future Celebrates Top 5 List Placement

Future Hendrix went to his Instagram Story with a shot of the list. Instead of delivering a hefty caption, the Georgia native dropped his signature eagle emoji on the list.

The Atlanta legend #Future reacts to himself and #Drake landing on the Top Streamed Artists of 2010s list.

Future celebrates Top 5 list placement.
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Future Tweets Subliminal Messages

A few days ago, Future took to his social media with a slew of messages. The Georgia rap star let it be known he wanted out of a conversation and even though it’s a new year, people are still on the same topics as 2020.

“Everyone had a option and a plan then have every excuse in the world when they fail. Love yourself more 2021 … Leave me out the convo 2021 and see how far u can get. Love yourself … Same Sh*t y’all already knew last year. Same topic #BORING”

Future Deletes His Instagram Content

Future Hendrix is getting off to a fresh start in 2021 – literally. In early January 2021, the hip-hop superstar surprisingly wiped his Instagram page clean of any content.

Atlanta rapper Future has social media’s full attention. The hip-hop star has completely wiped his Instagram account clean of any posts. To make things even crazier, Future Hendrix isn’t even following anyone anymore. It’s worth noting his Instagram Story features a post calling his grandma his day one fan and another post is a sneak peek studio session.

Deluxe Pluto x Baby Pluto

Back in November 2020, the Georgia native took to his Twitter page to announce a Pluto x Baby Pluto deluxe album. In addition to revealing the project’s cover art, Future Hendrix also shared the LP’s tracklisting.