Frank Ocean Fans Erupt After Questionable Coachella Performance

Frank Ocean’s performance at Coachella caused an uproar after it was not live-streamed for fans at home. Fans on Twitter also brought up his reputation for disappearing for years at a time.

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R&B star Frank Ocean angered fans with his Coachella performance on April 16, with many taking to social media to express their disappointment. A TikTok user’s video went viral, in which they criticized Ocean for being late and delivering a lackluster performance.

The “Pink + White” singer reportedly requested last-second changes to his performance set, which not only caused tensions with festival organizers but almost caused him to drop out of his performance. Ocean also left his set early after showing up late. During his performance, Ocean danced to his own songs, where at times he did not have a microphone as songs played.

Ocean’s set was not live-streamed either like every other artist, angering fans who could not make it to the event. 

Frank Ocean Fans Are Over His “Mysterious” Persona

Ocean, who was given props from star singer Lizzo in 2021 for “stepping out of the norm” had fans on Twitter expressing their frustrations with his recent Coachella set.

One user called out Ocean for attempting to be “mysterious” throughout his career as he has a reputation for disappearing for years at a time. Ocean has only released two albums which were 2012’s channel ORANGE and 2016’s Blonde.

Other reactions included one user being glad that he “didn’t waste money” to see Ocean’s performance and one user joked about Ocean and his manager leaving early after getting paid. 

One user criticized Ocean and said that he “continues to finesse yall” by not making music for years at a time while another user simply called him the  “greatest scammer of all time” for getting paid while not performing his whole set. Ocean’s performance was a rarity in recent times and has not been in the public eye since his younger brother, Ryan was killed in a car accident in 2020.

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