Flavor Flav Responds To Boosie Badazz’s Outburst

Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav isn’t staying silent. Instead, the hip-hop veteran has come forward to address the commotion Boosie Badazz has ignited over their appearance similarities.

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Flavor Flav Responds To Boosie

Flav went to his Instagram page and didn’t hold back. Flav suggested Boosie might look like him but he’s the true OG and has stacks to his name.

“I don’t look like no Lil Boosie. If anything, Lil Boosie look like me. I was here first. Nah what I’m saying – I’m a big fan of Lil Boosie, but Boosie can’t f*ck with Flav. Boosie can’t f*ck with Flav, for real. I got stacks, baby. I got stacks. You heard? Word to the bird. I’m a big fan of Boosie though – he’s a real n*gga, g, but he still can’t f*ck with Flav. I got the stacks. Aight? Word to the bird.”

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Flavor Flav responds to Boosie.

Initially, the Louisiana hip-hop star insisted he looked nothing like Flav in a video post and hilariously pointed out that it was too early in the morning for him to deal with it.

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Boosie’s fans seemed to see it differently though. Many of them agreed that there were similarities between Boosie and Flav, but sympathized with him as the two celebrities have a huge age difference.

“I know that’s not the first time Boosie’s heard that he looks like Flavor Flav. I refuse to believe it.”

“Boosie getting mistaken for Flavor Flav is the FUNNIEST thing ever ??? he do look like he could be his son. ? “

“The funniest thing is that Boosie is still in his 30’s getting mistaken for Flavor Flav, who was born during segregation, he better stop being ignorant it’s aging him.”

Boosie Badazz Pays $500 To Slap Someone

The story started with Boosie going to social media to ask for somebody to slap, offering $500 for the deed. He was with DaBaby in Charlotte shooting a music video. So, after a (seemingly hired) man took a massive hit, Badazz went online with the clip.

Boosie paid a man $554 to catch him lacking for video shoot with DaBaby in Charlotte.

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Boosie Badazz Calls Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Racist

In late March 2021, BB went to Twitter to pop off. Along with revealing his new IG account, Boosie made sure to tag Facebook co-creator Mark Zuckerberg and blast at him after his original account was deactivated by the social media company.

“My New Ig @HesBackAgain2021 I’m Live Now … @zuck u just a racist”

Clean Bill Of Health

Shortly after Boosie Badazz was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, he had surgery to remove it. Each year since then he’s had a checkup to see if the cancer had returned, and in his most recent exam on March 18th, 2021, doctors determined he’s definitely free of cancer. BB then delivered the good news of his results to fans and followers on social media.

“IM CANCER FREE #tearofjoy Thanks to everybody said a prayer for me #GODISGREAT“

Boosie also went to his Instagram page to share footage and speak on surviving his battle.

“ANNUAL CANCER CHECK UP ???ALL MY FAMILY N FANS SAY A PRAYER FOR ME AS I WAIT ON MY RESULTS #prayerispowerful#yesterday#fuckcancer?” (Instagram)