Fat Joe’s Name Cleared Of Snitching By Cuban Link

Original Terror Squad member Cuban Link is taking back his claim. The Havana native is clearing New York hip-hop crooner Fat Joe‘s name after originally labeling him as being a snitch.


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Fat Joe’s Name Cleared Of Snitching By Cuban Link

Cuban Link publicly changed his original stance about Joey Crack being a rat in light of leaked government paperwork. However, he’s deemed the paperwork as fake and inauthentic and thus took back the dreaded label.

“So, enough time has gone by. It’s time, the word is out, whatever it is, it’s childish sh*t. But the Joe situation and the paperwork, it was explained that I got it from Star. Star, if you go to his channel, you’ll see all the sh*t that’s going on. He was the one that set it off. He was actually getting mad that it wasn’t putting my name out there instead of him. I just shouted him out in everything I did because he’s the one who broke the story. So the paperwork as it stands, it’s forgiven [sic]. I’m glad that I did not get put on by no fake rat n-gga, so there’s a part of me that is happy. Besides that, I did my own homework and it leads to dead ends … He’s not a rat. He’s not a snitch. Paperwork is fake … The truth right now as it stands, he cleared his name.”

Fat Joe Exposed As Being A Snitch In Alleged Govt. Paperwork

Cuban had posted a series of federal government papers allegedly showing Joey Crack as having told the authorities about a murder. Some fans didn’t believe the authenticity of the papers, and as of right now it seems like they were right.

“Fat joes snitch report…so it starts shout to star from the star and buck wild show @troitorain“

“Exhibit A-the paperwork is in….???????????? Fat joe exposed on snitching charges .. big shout out to star for reporting the truth and keeping it ? percent across the board!!! Now you might understand why I couldn’t get along with that animal but I guess let’s wait for the authenticity of this here paperwork..but like I said I’m just gonna sit back and watch the pale beluga whale get Brought in to shore by the rest of the fisherman!! ??‍♂️?? @troitorain“

Fat Joe seemingly responded to the allegations. He left a cryptic message about haters telling lies when things don’t go their way.

“When the HATE don’t work they start telling lies”

Ashanti Shows Fat Joe Love After Hot Comment

No matter what the snitching truth is, R&B icon Ashanti is always showing love to her brother. After Fat Joe recently went online to give her support over still looking fine at 40, she returned the favor.

Ashanti posted a clip of Joey Crack saying she’s the hottest she’s ever been. In her caption, she hyped him up and showed mad appreciation for her close friend’s kind words.

If your brother don’t hype u up like this he’s trash!!! ??? love u bro!!!! I am f##### cryinnnnnnnnnnnngg ???@fatjoe ??? ???

Fat Joe’s Gangsta Grillz Mixtape Tracklisting

Joe is setting the bar high for his What Would Big Do 2021 project. The hip-hop heavyweight has come through with the Gangsta Grillz project’s tracklisting featuring a slew of big-name rap heavyweights and some newcomers – it’s no surprise either, considering all the kind words and support he has for everyone in his life.

Joey Crack hit up his Instagram page to deliver a look at the new underground album. Along with having guest spots courtesy of French Montana, Lil Yachty, Remy Ma and Ceelo Green, Joe also has huge production from hitmakers Cool & Dre.

“Track list just went up !!! WHAT WOULD BIG DO 2021 @djdrama GANGSTA GRILLZ Friday the 13 th Track list just went up !!! WHAT WOULD BIG DO 2021 @djdrama GANGSTA GRILLZ Friday the 13 th”