Famous Dex Sentenced To 364 Days In Prison

Chicago rapper Famous Dex will be spending time behind bars. New legal documentation has surfaced revealing that the hip-hop star will serve 364 days in prison.


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Famous Dex Sentenced To 364 Days In Prison

Dex had been charged over domestic violence and was sentenced last week. He presumably will begin his time now and will see a release date of September 1, 2022. The “Call Me” rapper was arrested back in June 2021.

Soulja Boy Blames Famous Dex’s Karma For His Troubles

Just two months before his arrest, young rap veteran Soulja Boy was calling Famous Dex out. In light of the Chicago native’s struggles, Soulja took to social media with some harsh words.

The “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” crooner went on Instagram Live to call out Dex for being dishonest. He chalked the recent struggles Dex has been going through up to karma and didn’t hold back.

“Karma, bruh. You know what I’m saying? You can’t do sh*t like that, bruh. N*gga help you and help you get on. You can’t do sh*t like that, bruh. You know what I’m sayin’?”

Soulja Boy also recalled a time when Famous Dex told him he was going to sign to SB’s S.O.D. Money Gang Entertainment label.

“If you come from the hood and a n*gga fly you to L.A. and you sleepin’ on they couch and a n*gga givin’ you free songs and a n*gga put you in they videos and you say that ‘I’mma sign to your label, I’mma be SOD Money Gang, I’mma be SOD.’ Then you turn around and go sign with another person behind that person back and just do a whole bunch of snake sh*t. You gon’ go out sad. You can’t do sh*t like that. You might get away temporarily for a couple months, a year or something you might be poppin’ or somethin’. But after that, it’s gon’ be over with. ‘Cause guess what? All the fans seen what you did, you see what I’m sayin’?”

Famous Dex Hit With 19 Charges

The prior couple of weeks had not been easy for Dex. He was hit with 19 charges for a slew of things that also included domestic violence and gun possession. Authorities took the Diana hitmaker into custody, although he posted bail.

The City Attorney’s Office tells us Dex is facing up to 18 years behind bars if you add up potential punishments for all the charges, although we’re told some counts may merge as the case develops. (TMZ)

Robbed In San Francisco

Prior to that, Famous Dex was reportedly robbed in San Francisco. Robbers reportedly took thousands of dollars in cash and a watch worth upwards of $50,000.