EXCLUSIVE: Andrea Kelly Dishes On The 5 Reasons Black Relationships Fail

SOHH recently interviewed Andrea Kelly where she discussed many issues within the Black community. For decades, relationship issues in the Black community have existed, and Andrea highlighted five.

Andrea Kelly

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With deeply rooted issues in the Black community that go back for centuries, it’s essential to understand how the problems arise to start breaking generational curses. 

Here are five reasons why many Black relationships fail:

1. The “Strong Black Woman” Narrative 

Black women have been taught for decades to be “strong” when they go through pain or suffering.

Many have expressed that it can be a daunting feeling, This is especially so because most would rather embrace their femininity where they can be soft, gentle, and kind instead of “strong.” 

In addition, Black men feel that watching their women be “strong” is normal.

2. Toxic And Abusive Relationships

No relationship can thrive with abuse or toxicity, and it seems these have been normalized in our community with music, movies etc. 

Trauma can build up over the years and later cause emotional distress.

3. Lack Of Protection For Children

Plagues in the community that get ignored include domestic violence and child molestation. 

Family members that commit these acts are usually not excluded from family gatherings. Rather than limiting them, they should simply not be invited to protect the children better.

4. Feeding Negativity Into Children

Black boys are constantly told that they are bad or “no good” like their father, eventually believing it to be true. 

Meanwhile, with Black girls, mothers tell them they don’t need a man to take care of them, and that separation will happen, causing the family to pull apart.

5. Lack Of Respect

No respect on either side could mean cheating, deceit, and manipulation. 

Without respect, there is no trust, and no relationship can be healthy or sustained without one. 

Andrea Kelly Tells It All

Andrea Kelly, the ex-wife of R.Kelly, sat down for a SOHH Exclusive on her past troubled marriage, healing, and the hypersexualization of Black women.

Andrea also talked about how her ex-husband blamed his sexual depravity on her passion to be a burlesque dancer instead of a housewife.