Beyoncè, Solange, Tinashe, & More, Rock Stylish Telfar Bags As Sales Continue To Skyrocket

Telfar’s profit sales have skyrocketed by 86% since Beyoncè mentioned the luxury bag in her lyrics from her masterpiece, Renaissance. In honor of its success, SOHH has curated a list of celebs who have been spotted rocking the new hot commodity.


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Telfar is a well-known, black-owned luxury handbag business that boasts recognition by fashion-focused celebrities.

These five hip-hop artists own the bag and are killin’ it with style:

1. Beyoncè 

Beyoncè has been spotted sporting her bag daily and modeling for the ‘gram.

Queen Bey recently released her highly-anticipated album, Renaissance, where she mentions Telfar in her song, “Summer Renaissaince,” along with other luxury name brands. 

The lyrics are:

“Versace Bottega Prada Balenciaga,Vuitton Dior, Givenchy, collect your coins Beyoncè. 

So elegant and raunchy, this haute couture im flaunting. This Telfar bag imported, birkins them shits in storage, I’m in my bag.”

2. Solange Knowles 

Next is Queen Bey’s sister, Solange Knowles

The Telfar owner rocks it as her day-to-day bag and for red carpet events. 

She has also used its products for campaigns with Harper’s Bazaar and considered the CEO a fashion force  with an interview with Time magazine. 

She told Time magazine:

“Where the industry restricts identity with outdated expressions of presentation, correctness, and exclusivity, Telfar has created a new language of truth, through design. The telfar symbol is one that acts as an affirmation for how we fully and confidently show up in the work.”

3. A$AP Ferg

A$AP Ferg has also been spotted sporting a Telfar bag on social media during a campaign and on the scene at different events. 

4. Lil Nas X 

Lil Nas X was seen with Telfar while stepping out, performing on stage, and taking selfies. 

lil nas x

5. Tinashe  

Last but not least, it appears Tinashe has been a huge fan since 2019 since she rocks her favorite bag at red carpet events. 


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