Eminem Faces Being ‘Canceled’ Yet Again

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem has had everybody come at his neck, but it just never seems to work. The newest trend in cancel culture is on TikTok and aimed at the Detroit native, per users referring to themselves as “Gen Z”.

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TikTok Tries To Cancel Eminem

After several posts on the short video platform attempting to cancel Slim Shady over his lyrics, social media has ignited. Twitter users have chimed in on the matter, with many “millennials” speaking up and noting how they too tried to have Eminem shut down, to no avail.


to everyone that is canceling him I literally love u?

♬ love the way you lie – sam

Eminem faces being ‘canceled’ on TikTok
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Twitter speaks up as Eminem faces being ‘canceled’ again

Eminem Sends Birthday Love To Dr. Dre

Eminem is taking his followers way back. In February 2021, Slim Shady went online with a dope throwback pic of himself alongside none other than rap friend and mentor Dr. Dre to celebrate his special day.

“U know it’s Dre Day! Happy bday Doc. I ain’t gotta say more you know what it is!”

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Eminem Trolls Everyone + Drops New Music Video

Em doesn’t really want or need smoke with UFC president Dana White. Instead, Slim Shady used some viral buzz about him dissing the MMA executive and turned it into the perfect rollout for dropping his recent “Higher” music video. Em had the entire world thinking he really had a feud brewing against White after footage emerged of him trashing Dana in an ESPN interview. However, Slim’s video premiere showed the entire segment was featured in his visual.

A clip from the video appeared during the ESPN pre-show on Friday for Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier’s Saturday night match in Abu Dhabi. The segment featured a mock interview between ESPN anchor Michael Eaves and UFC boss Dana White discussing the rapper’s chances in a fictional fight. Eminem entered the interview towards the end and told White that “The best part about your opinion is that it doesn’t matter.”The interview went viral, with some people thinking that the clip was real instead of a stunt for his upcoming music video. (CNN)

Slim Shady Goes Off On UFC’s Dana White

Earlier that week, Eminem went viral for a video showing him appearing to be doing an ESPN segment with Dana White. In the same clip, the Grammy-winning artist went off on the MMA mogul seemingly out of nowhere. In true combat sports fashion, a lot of fans suspected it might be manufactured hype for a UFC pay-per-view.

“The best part about your opinion is that it doesn’t matter. If every fighter that you had listened to your opinion when you doubted him, you wouldn’t have a f*cking league.”