Emily B + Fabolous Can’t Get Enough Of Grandson Essex

New York rapper Fabolous and Emily B are proud grandparents. The hip-hop couple have acknowledged and celebrated the birth of their daughter Taina Williams‘ son Essex.

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Emily B + Fabolous Can’t Get Enough Of Essex

Em started things up by hitting up Instagram with a super adorable shot of Lil’ E. The pic features him surrounded by a ton of balloons in a living room setting.

“So, there’s a boy. He stole my heart….. Essex William Wright 🤍 Congratulations @latainax3 & @nolimitherbo! Remember there’s no place like home—except Mimi’s house lol!”

The post sparked a flurry of reactions – both from Taina and Essex’s dad G Herbo. Fab also hit up the comments section to show love to his grandson.

“My baby 😢” -Taina

“Lol MiMi knows best 😂🤷🏾‍♂️” -G Herbo

“🖤👴🏾” -Fabolous

G Herbo Exposes Taina’s Swollen AF Feet

Earlier in the weekend, Herbo hit up Instagram with some must-see footage. Things started off with G joking about having big feet in his bed before the clip showed him rubbing Taina’s swollen toes.

“Bro, fix your face. Like, I was never this swollen until I gave birth. Like what is this?”

Taina Williams + G Herbo Introduce Their Baby Boy

Heading into the weekend, G Herbo’s lady love went to her socials to share an adorable pic and the best news ever: Their baby boy Essex was born early Thursday morning. Taina included the hashtag #myrainbowbaby, a term used to describe babies born to parents who previously suffered a miscarriage or pregnancy loss.

Essex William Wright

May 27, 2021


6lbs 12oz


Friends Celebrate Newborn Baby’s Arrival

Everyone from Chicago rappers Lil Durk and Lil Bibby to hip-hop vixen Reginae Carter is celebrating the birth of rapper G Herbo and Taina Williams’ newborn baby. Herbo initially went to his Instagram page to share the breaking news.

“Omgggggg I’m crying !!!” -Reginae Carter

“Congrats broski” -Doe Boy

“Congrats Brody” -Lil Durk

“🙏🏾🙏🏾” -Lil Tjay

“Congrats king!!.. big blessing 🤞🏽👑” -Sean Kingston

“💕🩸” -Lil Bibby