Em Releases Brand New Album Titled Pathway to Aetheria

New Jersey-based soul singer Em followed up on her debut EP EM and released a brand new collection titled Pathway to Aetheria. On the album, she continues up delivering her signature sound – romantic soul vibe and mystical topics. 

Pathway to Aetheria captures the essence of Em’s transcendental experiences and writes poetic songs filled with passionate lyrics. The album is a house to 8 tracks full of mythological and astrological references. Em keeps her texts difficult to interpret as she makes it as personal as possible. The lyrics, however very emotional, are not corny but rather intentionally intimate. 

Pathway to Aetheria is more mature than her previous project – more balanced and focused around one vibe. Sonically, Em falls into the lineage of a minimalist blend of soul, pop, and indie. She fits her thoughts on the beats and layers her lines over strings, winds, instruments fusions, chordal patterns – all in order to channel her momentous feelings. 

Check out Pathway to Aetheria below: