Drake’s Certified Lover Boy Album Release Date Leaks?

The release date for rap superstar Drake‘s upcoming Certified Lover Boy album may no longer be a mystery. Pop singer/producer Charlie Puth revealed what is apparently the date Drizzy’s new project is coming out.

Drake’s New Album May Be Coming Very Soon

All we had known about Drake’s Certified Lover Boy is that it’s supposed to drop early in 2021. Then pop singer/producer Charlie Puth tweeted “Drakes dropping on the 21st” before deleting the post. Drake, unbothered, hasn’t responded or given any details.

In a now-deleted tweet that was posted on Monday, Puth wrote, “Drakes dropping on the 21st.” It’s not clear if Puth provided any production, songwriting, or performances to the album, nor has he been publicly linked to it in any way until this. So, it’s not clear why Puth would know the release date for Certified Lover Boy. Puth has shared some thoughts about Drake over the past year, though. Back in March, he speculated on Twitter, “If Drake put out a record that had the same tempo as Vogue by Madonna, and maybe even sounded a little bit like it, it would be the biggest thing ever.” (UPROXX)

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Drake Returns To The Studio After 50 Billion Spotify Milestone

The OVO Sound boss isn’t slowing down anything. Instead, the hip-hop superstar has teased fans about himself gearing up to drop some much-needed new tunes.

The rap heavyweight is back-back. Rap star Drake is back on his music grind going to his Instagram Story with a sneak peek of himself in the recording studio. He’s shown in the pic sitting on a chair and presumably fine-tuning new music off his upcoming Certified Lover Boy album.

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Drake’s recording studio return.
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Future Acknowledges Drake’s Streaming Dominance

Drake is the first artist to hit 50 billion streams on Spotify. Atlanta rapper and frequent collaborator Future has played a role in some of that success, as the pair have worked together on tracks like “Life Is Good” and “Where Ya At.” Future went on Twitter this week to shout-out Drizzy’s accomplishment.

“50 billion streams SHEESH congrats to THE BOY”

Drake Makes History

OVO Sound boss Drake is just different when it comes to this music stuff. His streaming achievement comes as the 6 God prepares to release a much-needed new Certified Lover Boy album to the masses.

[email protected] has now surpassed 50 billion streams on Spotify across all credits. He is the first artist in history to hit this milestone.