Dr. Dre’s Wife Proves The Worst Is Yet To Come

West Coast hip-hop veteran Dr. Dre‘s legal battle with estranged wife Nicole Young is far from over. She’s come out with new allegations against the iconic producer, alleging that he was violent towards her on multiple occasions.

Dre. Dre's Wife Proves The Worst Is Yet To Come W/ Abuse Claims

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Dr. Dre’s Wife Proves More Divorce Trouble Is Coming

Nicole Young is accusing Dr. Dre of domestic violence, including a time where he got mad at her while attending a party and took things to the next level. She says he punched her in the face, knocking her out cold.

“Andre felt l ‘disrespected’ him while he was at a party. He pulled me away and punched me squarely in the face, knocking me out cold. I woke up in the passenger seat of our car, without a seatbelt and with Andre speeding at over 100 miles per hour on the 118 freeway. Andre was drunk and out of control. He was swerving and weaving, screaming at me. l was terrified that Andre would crash into the center divider. He threw my planner which contained photographs of our young children out the car window. l begged him to stop or slow down the entire time we were in the car. l thought l was going to die in the car that night.”

Dre has responded to the claims in court and has maintained his innocence, also citing no proof or a single call to the cops during their marriage as his defense. Note that Nicole Young previously sought out a restraining order, but this was denied by a judge. In light of the abuse allegations, she’s revisited the topic and requested another one.

“I have never hit, attacked, stalked‚ molested, assaulted, threatened or abused Nicole in any fashion‚ at any time. Nor have I ever surveilled or followed her or had anyone to do so. At no time were the police ever called during our marriage. There were never any domestic violence claims made by Nicole during our marriage, formal or informal. There is no documentary evidence of any alleged abuse.”

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Dre. Dre’s wife proves their legal battle isn’t over.

Dr. Dre Is Begging To End Divorce Case

Dre really, really, really wants to be single. New reports reveal that amid his divorce proceedings from Nicole Young, he’s asked a judge to speed up the process. Dr. Dre is reportedly tired of the entire situation and just wants to move past it. His lawyer has asked a judge for bifurcation of his divorce, which is a legal term that essentially means Dre is requesting to legally be made single again so life can continue.

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Dr. Dre is begging to be single.

Dr. Dre Raps About Recent Drama In His Life

The hip-hop legend has been going through a lot lately that he hasn’t spoken about publicly. It sounds like the Doctor is going to tackle those topics with some new music, however. On a track featuring West Coast rap veteran KXNG Crooked, Dre opens up about his ongoing divorce case and near-fatal brain aneurysm. Aftermath affiliate DJ Silk posted a snippet of a song in February 2021 by Dr. Dre and KXNG Crooked. Dre references his medical scare and the ugly divorce he’s been going through with his distant wife, who has accused the artist/mogul of domestic abuse and infidelity.

“Tryna kill me with them lies and that perjury / ICU, trying to f*ck me while I’m in surgery”

(Start at the 1:39 mark)

Moniece Slaughter Fears For Her Life After Big Reveal

Reality TV star Moniece Slaughter recently confirmed rumors that Dr. Dre is dating her fellow “Love & Hip-Hop” alum Apryl Jones. Since then, Slaughter says she’s been receiving threats.

“As a woman, in a time where we’re told we should be valued, exalted, and protected, I’ve been conflicted as to how I was going to proceed, or address last night’s chain of events. Torn between allowing men to intimidate or bully me into being silent, or to speak up for myself and stand firm in my position. Torn between acquiescing to my friend’s and family’s please to not speak up to defend myself, or to ignore them as well, and still stand firm in my position. Upon waking up today I was told that my life, along with my son’s life, and my family’s lives were in danger. That I was dealing with a very powerful man, and that I needed to be quiet, to disappear from social media, and even think about taking a vacation to ‘clear my mind.’ For no reason than the safety of my loved ones, moving forward, I will not be speaking out publicly about all that has transpired. I will not be accepting any media or interview requests or inquiries. I will continue to live my life as I do on a day to day basis. I will continue to care for my son. I will continue to sing and make music. I will continue to be happy. I will continue to do any and all things that contribute to my happiness and success. Thank you for the outpouring of love and support. I’ll be back in a bit.” -Moniece Slaughter