Diddy Thinks It’s Time To ‘Vibrate Higher’ + Yung Miami Says “The World Is Ending”

Diddy says he believes it’s time for the world to “vibrate higher” during this time of controversy, amidst the Kanye West media tirade.


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Diddy, who appeared to be enjoying the sun at a public park, offered fans a “vibration check” while listening to The Isley Brothers’ “For The Love Of You” in light of everything going on in the world. 

In the clip, he explains that “It’s real real dark and murky out in the world… a lot of negative energy and negative vibes…musty musty negative vibes coming from everywhere.”

The Bad Boy founder added that to get through it all; it is important to “vibrate higher.”

It appears his boo Yung Miami agrees, who recently tweeted “ The World Is Ending Dead Ass” just hours after the clip went viral. 

The cryptic messages follow shortly after his pubic dispute with Kanye West, who has been warring with the media. The Yeezy mogul has been battling cancel culture while severing ties with J.P Morgan Chase, Balenciaga, demoted by Forbes, and more. The Yeezy mogul has also been on a downward spiral, sabotaging support from his family and friends. 

Is Diddy’s advice the grand fix to everything happening right now?

Kanye West & Brief Diddy Dispute

Fans may wonder if Diddy decided to take the high road since Kanye West recently leaked a text message exchange between himself and Diddy. The text displayed a disagreement the two had after Ye’s statement about “White Lives Matter.”