Desiigner Charged With Indecent Exposure In A Troubling Pattern Of Exhibitionism

Desiigner is facing charges of indecent exposure for reportedly exposing himself on a plane. Though he denies being under the influence of drugs, this is not the first time the rapper has been involved in an incident involving public exposure. These repeated incidents raise the question of whether Desiigner suffers from the mental illness called “exhibitionism.”

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Cover Up, Sir!

According to TMZ, rapper Desiigner has been charged with indecent exposure for allegedly exposing and masturbating in front of flight attendants while on an airplane. 

Despite getting caught mid-flight, the “Panda” rapper seemed unfazed by the trouble he was in.

Dirty On The Delta

The former G.O.O.D Music rapper was sitting on a Delta Airlines flight from Japan heading to Minneapolis, Minn., where he was seen masturbating in his first-class seat. 

According to the FBI affidavit, flight attendants instructed Desiigner to stop on multiple occasions, and he was eventually escorted to the back of the plane, where he was monitored by two of his friends. As he moved to switch seats, a jar of Vaseline reportedly fell in the aisle.

When the plane landed, Desiigner told authorities that he was sexually aroused by one of the flight attendants and wanted to give her “encouragement.” Desiigner claimed he was sexually deprived during his time in Japan and was “brick hard” when he boarded the plane.

The 25-year-old rapper also claimed that he was not under the influence of drugs, but was prescribed meds while in Thailand. Desiigner says he became ill on his trip and believed the meds caused a chemical imbalance and the indecent behavior.

Desiigner has since checked into a mental health center after warning fans on social media of the importance of seeking help when under mental duress.

Is This A Pattern of Exhibitionism?

This is not the first time the “Panda” rapper has been cited for similar behavior, which may be signs of a mental illness called “exhibitionism.” The disorder is characterized by recurrent and intense sexual arousal from exposing one’s genitals to non-consenting and unsuspecting strangers. This disorder is considered a mental health condition and can have serious legal and social consequences.

In 2018, he escaped legal action when he was accused of exposing himself in front of a person in Manhattan. He was caught on video after a traffic run-in with another driver. In the video, the other driver calls Desiigner a homophobic slur before the rapper confronts him and exposes himself twice, yelling “Suck my d***.”

Over the years, Desiigner has openly discussed his struggles with mental health on social media and has actively sought help to manage his issues.

More Drama for Desiigner

Again in 2018, Desiigner was involved in a plane incident when he was kicked off a Scandinavian Airlines flight after blowing up after a woman allegedly touched him while on the flight.

In November 2022, he appeared extremely emotional during an Instagram live video and announced that he had “quit rap” following the death of Migos rapper Takeoff.