David Olivo Blends The Power Of Storytelling With A Powerful Sound Design In “Bricks”

American rapper David Olivo just dropped a brand new track titled “Bricks.” 

The song holds an original and exciting element, sustained brilliantly throughout the entirety of the track. From its sound design to the imaginative storytelling performed tastefully by the emerging rapper, every single aspect of “Bricks” is well thought-of. 

Following the release of his previous works, the fiery collection of tracks  The Album in 2019, and the single “Rap$” in 2017, Olivo returns with a clear vision. His style has morphed and evolved into a smooth hip-hop act transcending all preconceived notions about the genre. 

In “Bricks,” he develops an appealing storytelling about an illegal business, all the things he has seen and always strived to do, but probably wouldn’t be able to make enough customers to make a profit. From selling illegal substances to living the authentic gangsta life, David Olivo takes us on an immersive journey where the rule of law no longer prevails. 

Make sure to stream David Olivo’s smooth joint, “Bricks,” down below:

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