Dame Dash Still Blames Jay-Z For Frozen Friendship

Dame Dash sat down with ex-NFL player Shannon Sharpe to talk about his relationship with Jay-Z and why their ongoing legal battles are standing in the way of reconciliation.

Dame Dash

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Dame Says Jay-Z’s Legal

During the conversation on “Club Shay Shay,”  Shannon asked Dame how he knew “the 26-year-old rapper (Jay-Z) could be big in the industry?” 

Dame replied, giving Jay-Z credit for his swag, saying “because he had on Nike Airs, he was from Brooklyn; I was from Harlem, and back in those days Brooklyn dudes didn’t wear Nike Airs, so that was a flag for me.”

Shannon continued, inquiring as to why the two former friends and Rocafella founders are still estranged, saying “I heard his Hall of Fame speech, he thanked you.”  

Dame quickly shot that down, saying that Jay-Z’s acknowledgment was not genuine and was only to save face as the two are “in court right now.”

Shannon then shot back with “you guys made magic, you guys made history, a difference of opinion?… can’t you guys just get into a room? Hug it out?..” 

Dame replied, putting the blame for the frigid relationship squarely on Jay-Z, calling the lawsuit embarrassing for Jay-Z and saying he has no beef with Jay and “doesn’t care about what he’s doing.”

JAY-Z Gives Dame Dash Flowers During His Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction

Despite the friction between JAY-Z and Dame Dash, Jay did not miss the opportunity to shout out Dame during his “thank you” speech while being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

According to Dame, the last time the two spoke was circa 2013.  At the time, he said he wished they could’ve “hammered things out” together instead of with lawyers.