DaBaby Talks Megan Thee Stallion, DaniLeigh, Being “Blackballed,” + More In Recent Hot 97 Interview

In a recent interview, DaBaby shared his thoughts on some of the most controversial topics surrounding him over the past year. He aired out his side of the story in situations with Megan Thee Stallion, DaniLeigh, and being “blackballed” in hip-hop.

dababy x megan thee stallion

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DaBaby is ready to pick his head up and get back in music after addressing where his career stands since facing controversial moments in his career. 

In an interview with Hot 97, DaBaby talked about his life since the comments he made while performing a Rolling Loud Miami last year. He was essentially “blackballed” in the industry, losing major deals and canceling shows due to many empty seats.

The Charlotte rapper also stirred up some heat with Megan Thee Stallion when he brought out Tory Lanez. In fact, the alleged shooting situation between Tory Lanez and Meg happened a year before that same performance. 

In the Interview, DaBaby also said he believes his words wouldn’t have been that controversial if Tory wasn’t there.

The Plot Thickens

The pot thickened when DaBaby released his new album last month. In the song “boogeyman,” Dababy alleged a sexual relationship between him and Megan. 

When asked about it in the interview, he claimed he doesn’t change lyrics that are a year old, “it is, what it is” he said.

“It Wasn’t Me”

A common theme for DaBaby as he spoke during the interview, was that many of these situations had nothing to do with him. He even took that stance regarding the situation with his baby momma, DaniLeigh.

After a public breakup between the two led to a fight at a bowling alley between Dani’s brother and the rapper. When asked about it, he called the situation “goofy” claiming the brother just wanted a little clout from him.

DaBaby says he plans to stay in hip-hop and even joked about a possible documentary in his future. For now, he is smoking weed for therapy, and staying out of people’s business the best he can.

Meek Mill + Lil Boosie Claim DaBaby Has Been “Blackballed” Following Low Album Sales

Meek Mill and Lil Boosie spoke out in support of DaBaby, saying the low sales for the Baby on Baby 2album are because of him getting blackballed out of the industry. 

According to Meek, Dababy is being blatantly blackballed. 

He added that he refrained from stepping in and would rather observe how things play out.