Coco Jones Raps Tongue-Twisting Busta Rhymes Verse On Wild ‘n’ Out

Singer and actress Coco Jones was a special guest on Nick Cannon’s Wild n Out show and she gave the audience something to talk about. Chico Bean challenged Jones to show her skills and she didn’t back down, rapping a Busta Rhymes verse bar for bar.

Coco Jones

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The verse comes from Chris Brown’s 2011 song “Look At Me Now” featuring Busta Rhymes. In this particular song, the words are fast and can be even breathtaking for most rappers, but not Jones.

Fans on Twitter are definitely seeing Jones’ talent. @babywhale__ On Twitter said “ I need Coco Jones to become the mega star she deserves to be.”

Nick Cannon posted the video on Facebook and captioned it: “Who do you think did better? Coco Jones or Chico Bean? ?

Some fans agree they both did well, but Chico ultimately won in the end.  One user commented, “both went in but Chico got her in the end, because she had to take a breath! Still amazing from both parties though!!!”

The battle ended with both of them laughing and hugging it out as the audience cheered them on.

Coco Jones Comebacks With New Single

Coco recently came back to the music scene with a new track, “Caliber. ” The singer’s vocals were smooth as usual, which makes her music so enjoyable. Fans sure are ready for the album.