Cardi Talks Getting Dragged By Haters

Cardi B discusses getting dragged for everything she says, being “set up” by Rolling Loud, and her upcoming album in the latest episode of Angela Yee’s “Lip Service.”

Cardi B

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In an hour-long Lip Service podcast, Cardi discusses the constant heat she has been getting from social media and having to defend everything she says.

When asked about her outspokenness, the “WAP” singer responds,

 “I feel like I gotta think about everything.”

Cardi continues by saying that, as a result, she “barely” goes on live like she wants to and even decides when she wants to get dragged. 

“I pick the days that I wanna get dragged or not.”

“Bodak Yellow” singer goes on to talk about getting dragged for being number 16 on  Rolling Stone’s 200 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums of All Time.

“I just woke up and I’m getting my ass dragged.”

Although the hate was unwarranted, she adds, she understands why people were upset.

On a more positive topic, Cardi talks about her new upcoming album.

 “I have songs done. I just feel like I’m missing certain songs.”

Then, Cardi B follows up by stating she is not “musically satisfied.” She says there is a lot missing in the music world, and she does not want to release anything “corny.”

Cardi B Claps Back After Kulture Attack

Cardi B is speaking out after shady comments were made about her family.

Recently, Cardi B had to address a Twitter user who told her in several now-deleted tweets to get off the app and pay attention to her kids. The Twitter user also said that her daughter is autistic to which Cardi went off in defense of her first child.