Carsn. Previews Upcoming LP Mixed Emotions With “General Gentleman” & “Rip Away”

Texas-native Hip Hop artist, Carsn., is putting the final touches on his anticipated forthcoming album Mixed Emotions. The talented singer is excited to share the tracklist that includes the previously released singles “General Gentleman,” “Rip Away,” and “Coupe.”

“The more I’m creating, the better I notice myself getting, and I want to continue on this track,” admits Carsn., revealing Mixed Emotions to be some of his best work yet, “I cannot wait to share these sounds with the world.” 

Each song on the new record has its own story. “Rip Away,” for instance, talks “about moving on from a bad situation and finding better things/people out there in the world.” While “General Gentleman,” is more of a statement song that encourages people “to treat others as a gentleman would.”

Taking inspiration from various musicians, Carsn. recalls how he used to “write Lil Wayne’s lyrics down, studying his rhyme schemes and the way he flows.” The young talent explains, “I would also draw his album covers and replicate them to hang on my wall. This helped introduce me to other genres later on, and I would do the same thing with my other favorite artists, which is why I believe I have such a diverse taste in music and art.”

Carsn. doesn’t like to limit himself with one genre, his sound ranges between Southern Pop, Hip Hop, and alternative music, “ I like making all types of music and try not just to confine myself to one genre. I think I got to this point by the diverse type of music I listen to.”

Mixed Emotions is set to be released on January 1, 2023. Carsn. revealed that he has been working on the album for almost a year. 

 Listen to “Rip Away” & “General Gentleman” here: