Cardi B Testifies Blogger’s Slander Made Her Feel “Suicidal”

Cardi B is tired of the slander and has filed a lawsuit against Tasha K, a blogger who she says has spread falsehoods about her, Cardi B testified in court about how the rumors have affected her mental health.

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Cardi B Testifies: Tasha K’s Blog Post Made Her Feel Suicidal

Cardi B has taken the stand in her libel lawsuit against blogger and Youtuber LaTasha “Tasha K” Kebe and she is not holding back.

In a Georgia court, Cardi told a federal jury how Kebe spread false rumors about her being a prostitute and contracting STDs,, including herpes.

Cardi B explained that these rumors, especially about her having herpes, affected her marriage and relationship to her child, ultimately making her feel suicidal. 

The “Up” rapper also shared that she faced fatigue, weight loss, migraines, and anxiety, as Kebe spread the rumors to her nearly 1 million YouTube followers in videos uploaded in 2018 and 2019.

Cardi B Versus Cuban Doll Beef Is Reignited On Twitter Over Offset

Cardi B is never one to back down from a Twitter fight—and neither is Cuban Doll. The two argued in a series of tweets after Cuban Doll alleged that Cardi’s hubby Offset tried to have sex with her.

The two rappers exchanged tweets as fans watched and chimed in. Cuban told Cardi not to play the victim while Cardi tried to expose Cuban for lying about whether she had sex with Offset. The attention turned to the 2018 cheating scandal with Offset where a woman claimed the Migos rapper requested a threesome with her and Cuban.