Cardi B Claps Back After Comments Claiming Kulture Has Autism

Cardi B is not tolerating disrespect coming toward her daughter. The “Shake It” rapper clapped back against a user on Twitter who insulted her daughter by saying Kulture is autistic.

Cardi B

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Cardi B is speaking out after shady comments about her family. 

On Friday, Cardi B addressed a Twitter user who told her in several now-deleted tweets to get off the app and pay attention to her kids. The Twitter user also said that her daughter is autistic. 

Cardi responded:

“My daughter is not autistic…You can’t call her ugly so y’all have to diagnose her wit something.” 

She responded to another user  in a different tweet where she wrote:

“30,40,50 …Don’t bring my kids up on shit…This is all because I put a video of me dancing and y’all wanted me to talk about rod vs wade …WHY YALL BRING UP KIDS FOR? Wtf my kids gotta do wit yall misery?” 

Fans came to Cardi’s defense and agreed with her decision to address the user, while others pointed out calling someone autistic in a prerogative manner.

One user wrote, “You have every right to defend your child. I’m just trying to understand why saying a child is autistic would be used as an insult. If you don’t understand anything pertaining to a child having autism you should know that they are gifted and amazing in their own individual way.” 

“I have to grandsons with Autism. They are my heart. I don’t know what made people call your daughter Autistic, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” said another user.

Cardi B & Offset Reveal Photo Of Their Son, Wave

Cardi B and Offset weren’t hiding their son from the world, they were hiding the world from their son. 

They finally decided we’re worthy enough to see their baby boy, who looks just like big sister Kulture.

After setting her 3-year-old daughter Kulture’s Instagram account private due to internet trolls flooding her page with hateful messages, Cardi B and Offset have finally decided to share the first photos of their baby boy. 

The couple took to their Instagram pages adorable pictures of their son, who is SOHH bute, and the spitting image of his big sister, Kulture.