Cam’ron Announces Partnership With MTV On New Home Makeover TV Show

Harlem rapper Cam’ron will soon be taking over television screens where he will be helping fans renovate their homes inspired by their favorite artist.


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Cam’ron took to Instagram to announce his new partnership with MTV on an upcoming home makeover television show. “Hip Hop My House” will lend a hand to fans looking to make changes to their home by dedicating a portion to their favorite hip-hop artist, and Killa Cam will make it all happen. 

Five years after meeting with MTV for a different concept show, it looks like Cam’ron has finally scored a deal. Taking to Instagram to share his excitement, he wrote:

“Five years ago I had a meeting with MTV. They found out that I interior decorate (some time for leisure sometime for $$, I’m not only fly outside, inside the crib is something special, but that’s another story for another day) I came up with concept of me interior decorating upper class peoples homes but they wouldn’t know it was me until it was done.” 

Though not the original idea he pitched five years ago, Cam went on to express the concept of the show as a great idea that he couldn’t pass up; not only will the hip-hop veteran be hosting the show he will also be executive producing it. 

“For reasons I won’t share, the show didn’t happen.”  Cam’Ron explained. “ 5yrs later they wanted to do the show but, dedicate a portion of the house to their favorite artist. I thought it was a great idea. The fan/person in need of a home make over Get a free renovation/decor and potentially meet your favorite Artist!!  a lot of times people can’t afford or don’t have the time fix their place up, And I was happy to be apart of doing that. So I became one of the host and one of the executive producers for this show. HHMH.”

Hip-Hop My Home is now exclusively streaming on Paramount+. 

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Dame Dash Reveals The True Story Behind Cam’ron 2005 Near Death Shooting

Earlier this year Dame Dash appeared in an interview and recalled the untold story behind the near-fatal attack on Dipset’s Cam’ron in 2005 in Washington, DC. While being interviewed on Showtime’s “All The Smoke” podcast, Dame revealed that Cam’ron was shot in 2005 in our nation’s capital because of his role as “Rico,” a character based on real-life drug kingpin, Albert “Alpo” Martinez. Dame Dash was the executive producer of the film.

Cam’ron was in DC for a Howard University homecoming event when, according to police, he was shot three times. The incident occurred at a stoplight with Cam’ron in a pricey 2006 royal blue Lamborghini sportscar and jewelry.  He sustained wounds to both arms and managed to drive himself to the hospital. 

Dame gave the background on the shooting, explaining that Cam’s role in “Paid In Full” made him a target.