Bronx native A-Legend releases masterful album “Goodbye or See You Later”

Bronx born and raised A-Legend is living up to the name he gave himself with his latest album, a 20-track effort titled Goodbye or See You Later.  Since falling in love with hip-hop at the age of 12 (and being from the genre’s birthplace helps too), A-Legend has been working tirelessly at his craft, and it’s starting to pay off.

It’s easy to make good music that comes from the heart, but when music is your life, like it is for A-Legend, the creation process means that much more.

“Music…is my way to express what I’m holding inside at this point in life,” said A-Legend.  “It’s more like therapy…it’s what brings me more confidence within myself.”

From a trip to Miami to the dog days of working a 9 to 5, A-Legend was inspired to create Goodbye or See You Later by a multitude of different life events.

“This project is about fighting the balance between the alter ego and true self, the Ying and the Yang,” he said.  “I made this for the creatives who have doubts and anxiety about their craft in this social media world and how sometimes, it’s just a lonely journey.”

“The inspiration from this project as always came from life and pain and everything I observe and go through,” he added.A-Legend executive produced Goodbye or See You Later entirely himself.  He’s using this album as a launchpad to determine where his new sonic direction lies.  He’s got more content, more visuals and more marketing on the way, signaling an exciting future for the exciting young creator.

Stream A-Legend on Spotify here.