Boosie Badazz In Handcuffs Goes Off On Georgia Police During Traffic Stop

Boosie Badazz was outraged after being pulled over and handcuffed during a traffic stop in Georgia. The body camera footage shows how he reacted during the incident in what he calls “harassment.”


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Torrance Ivy Hatch, better known as Boosie Badazz, was the passenger in a black SUV on Wednesday when he got pulled over for heavy window tint and concealed tags. 

In the car with him was a 19-year-old named De’Shun Lawrence. 

Boosie and Lawrence were handcuffed and asked if they had any drugs in the vehicle. Boosie responded and said he was “smoking a blunt.”

He then says he needs to go to the officer’s superiors and file charges for harassment. The police claimed they smelled marijuana, so they searched the car, where they found weed and a large stack of cash. 

While waiting for officers to search the car, Boosie lost his cool. He said he was ready to raise hell if taken to jail and would spit on every nurse and beat up the first boy he saw.

He also claimed he had 35 women at his house at the moment, ready to perform sexual acts.

Despite finding marijuana, the police let them both off with a citation. Boosie began to calm down after being let out of the handcuffs.

Boosie Badazz’ Sexual “Training” Of Minors Is Probably Illegal And Disguises Hidden Homosexual Fears

A Boosie social media antic had fans concerned that he may have gone too far and is endangering the well-being of his 18-year-old son.   

On an episode of “Boosie Gone Bad,” he broadcasted his antics on Instagram Live. The brash rapper is seen with his son by his side, examining the genitals of half-naked women with a magnifying glass.  

In the NSFW footage that was spread across Twitter, the rapper is shown goading the 18-year-old, Torrance Hatch Jr.,  to “Look at the p*ssy, son!”