Balistic Man remixes Metro Boomin’s “Link Up” from Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse soundtrack!

you ever wondered what it would sound like if Balistic Man & Metro Boomin collaborated then you don’t have to search any further!

Balistic Man recently jumped on Metro Boomin’s “Link Up” which is one of Metro Boomin’s featured songs off of the new Spider-Man “Across The Spider-Verse” soundtrack! The song originally features Beam & Toian & is produced by Metro Boomin, Wizkid & Don Oliver.

Balistic Man adds his own twist with bars referencing his & Miles Morales aka Spider-Man’s Puerto Rican heritage with lines like “In this universe the Spider-Man is Puerto Rican” & a catchy fresh new chorus far from the original with lyrics referencing being caught in his lovers spider-web “Spin your web & I always fall for you”.

This is definitely the Balistic Man that stands out amongst the crowd. Showing his versatility & creativity as an artist with his music! Could we expect to hear Balistic Man on a Metro Boomin project soon? Only time will tell but we hope so! Until then this will do! Checkout Balistic Man “Link Up” (Remix) below!

Listen to Balistic Man & Metro Boomin “LINK UP” (REMIX) here: Balistic Man – Clothing, Trending Music

Listen to Balistic Man & Metro Boomin “LINK UP” (REMIX) on SoundCloud here: