Baby Keem Reveals New Album Tracklisting In 7 Colors

West Coast rapper Baby Keem is getting extra colorful with his upcoming the melodic blue studio debut. The hip-hop star has shared the project’s tracklisting in an array of colors.


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Baby Keem Reveals Album Tracklisting

BK hit up Instagram with a slideshow of tracklisting. He encouraged followers to pick one with colors including dark red, blue, brown, yellow and purple.

“pick 1 🧸”

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He also shared some updates including a “Tonight Show” performance in the coming hours plus some audio presumably from the new album.

“🧸 tonight”

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Baby Keem’s New Album Drops This Week

Earlier in the week, Keem announced his new the melodic blue album will arrive this Friday.

BK went to his Instagram page to deliver the massive announcement to fans. His long-awaited studio debut will drop through Warner Records.

“🧸 the melodic blue sept 10th”

Keem also released an actual album trailer to hype up the project.

“🧸 the melodic blue will drop sept 10th”

Kendrick Lamar Cements Mighty Return

In late August 2021, Keem helped Grammy-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar cement his return to the spotlight. The hip-hop star and elusive Top Dawg Entertainment member came with his cousin in their “family ties” music video.

The must-see visual clocks in at over four minutes in length and has plenty of cinematic galore. Along with the mind-blowing video’s elements, the song itself is just his first official collaboration with Keem.

‘family ties’ is Lamar’s first feature since 2018, and sees Keem and Lamar come together for the first time, notably making it the second-ever artist collaboration in Keem’s public musical output, and his first with Lamar. ‘family ties’ is a high-powered proclamation exploring the meaning of legacy and success, an insight into the relationships and experiences that have both defined and propelled Keem in his journey. The ‘family ties’ video features Keem, Kendrick and Normani and is directed by Dave Free.

The same week, Keem and K. Dot released the video’s mind-blowing trailer.

The visual itself is an absolute must-watch even at just under 20 seconds in length. While fans still had to wait just over 24 hours before hearing and seeing the new visual, the trailer gave an idea of how it sounded – just in reverse.

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Family Ties’ Dropping Friday

Earlier the same week, Keem went to his Instagram page with just his third active post. The pic is a super throwback shot of himself as a kid and a teenage-looking Lamar. Keem’s teaser could easily be the single’s artwork.

“family ties Thursday // 9pm PST”