A Brief Timeline Of Young Thug & YSL Crew’s RICO Case

The Young Thug YSL RICO trial at the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta, GA has been marred by controversies and disruptions, including the recent arrest and charging of Miles Farley’s attorney, Anastasios Manettas, Esq, for drug possession and assault, and YSL Lil Rod’s arrest for marijuana possession during a strip search. These events highlight challenges faced in ensuring proper conduct and security during high-profile trials.

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April 2023: YSL’s Juror In RICO Trial Arrested For Recording Court Proceedings + Attorney Arrested And YSL Lil Rod Caught With Marijuana

Attorney Arrested & YSL Lil Rod Caught With Marijuana In Strip Search

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The YSL trial at the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta took a dramatic turn during jury selection on April 19th and 20th. Chaos erupted as an attorney for defendant Miles Farley was arrested and charged with drug possession and assault, and YSL Lil Rod was caught with marijuana in his underwear during a strip search. The incidents raise questions about the conduct of those involved in the trial and the need for adequate security measures in courtrooms. Despite Gunna’s release, Young Thug remains behind bars on RICO charges.

Juror Arrested For Recording Court Proceedings

Updated By Chris Samuel (4/4/23 at 2:17 pm)

An unidentified juror in the Young Thug YSL RICO trial has been arrested for recording court proceedings. The Juror’s arrest is the latest event to take place at an already busy trial that has seen its share of controversies.

A juror, only known as #1004, was arrested for recording court proceedings during the Young Thug YSL RICO case, according to a FOX 5 Atlanta report. Juror 1004 was removed from the courtroom at the Fulton County Courthouse on April 3 after Judge Ural Glanville caught the juror recording. 

In addition, Judge Glanville ordered deputies to take the juror’s phone.

February 2023: YSL Woody Is Interrogated + New Documentary

YSL member YSL Woody was interrogated in a clip released. Woody claimed Young Thug was organizing a hit from behind bars.

RICO Trial Gets A  Documentary  

A documentary was released titled, Rap Trap: Hip-Hop On Trial, and centered around the YSL RICO Trial.

January 2023: Gunna Speaks + Things Hit The Fan

January 10, 2023: Gunna Breaks His Silence After Release

YSL member Gunna broke his silence after his release on a plea deal. In an Instagram post, he said, “Free Thug & Yak,” which refers to Young Thug and YSL member Yak Gotti.

Caught Red-Handed + Fatherly Advice To Young Thug

During Young Thug’s recent appearance in court for the YSL RICO trial, he was accused of engaging in drug dealings while in court. A man attempted to hand Thugger a Percocet, which was immediately confiscated by a bailiff.

In a new video on Twitter, the setting is the courtroom, where Thugger is sitting next to his lawyer. A co-defendant in the trial named Kahlieff Adams walks over and hands a suspicious item to him– allegedly a Percocet, which the Bad Boy artist has rapped about many times in his rap lyrics.

January 2, 2023: Fatherly Advice

Young Thug’s father, Jeffery Williams, Sr., said he urged his son not to take a plea deal before the trial in an interview with Infamous Sylvia.  Williams, Sr. also said he believed other YSL members were taking pleas because they were “uneducated” about how the justice system works or simply “scared.”

Williams, Sr. also said YSL stands for “Young Stoner Life” and not “Young Slime Life,” denying that it is a gang. 

“YSL is a record label,” Williams Sr. told Infamous Sylvia. “The state made YSL a gang. The city made YSL a gang.”

December 2022: Plea Deals + Thugger’s Small Court Victory 

Trontavious, also known as Tick, took a plea deal after being originally sentenced to 10 years and will get two years of time served and will complete the other eight years on probation.

Dec. 29, 2022: YFN Lucci Denies Testifying Against Young Thug

YFN Lucci’s lawyer, Drew Findling, stepped in to deny that he will soon testify against Young Thug in court.

Findling sent out a statement to TMZ:

“Any party can announce for example that Abraham Lincoln is on their witness list, but those words alone are meaningless. So, to be 100% clear, Rayshawn Bennett will be not be a witness in the YSL case.”

Dec. 28, 2022: Antonio Sledge Takes Plea

Antonio Sledge was the last of the 2022 plea deals in the case and admitted to the courts that he is a member of the crew and admitted that he engaged in illegal activities.

Dec. 21, 2022: Thug’s Brother Takes Plea Deal

Thugga’s brother Quantavious Grier, also known as Unfoonk, also signed a plea deal in the YSL case getting his 12-year sentence commuted to time served. 

“Damn people really think I told on my own brother smh,” Grier addressed rumors of him snitching on Thugger in his Instagram story post. “Show me in the paperwork I told on anybody lol, I’m not fenna entertain any of it, peace and blessings.”

Dec. 16, 2022: Young Thug’s Court Victory

Recently, the “Relationship” rapper scored a win after the judge ruled cellphones and evidence seized from his home in 2015 can’t be used as evidence in the current RICO case. He also ruled the search unconstitutional.

Dec. 14, 2022: Gunna Released From Jail

Gunna finally went home after being released from Fulton County Jail on Dec. 14. His sentence was commuted to time served following his guilty plea in the RICO case.

Dec. 13, 2022: Young Thug Gets Hit With Speed Racing Charges

In a recent report by Atlanta’s WSB-TV, the Slime Season artist was charged with street racing, reckless driving, and speeding. The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office said Thugger was going 120 MPH in a car on Interstate 85  this past May. 

Oct. 14, 2022: Kim Kardashian Says “Free Gunna

Kim Kardashian once again spoke out in support of incarcerated artist Gunna, saying that he should be released based on the new information that surfaced at the time.

September 2022: Just An Innocent Tweet?

After Thugger used his Twitter account to ask Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps if he could swim 100 miles in the ocean and back to shore, Georgia prosecutors scored a victory by using it against him. 

Prosecutors argued that the tweet is evidence of the Atlanta native’s ability to communicate with the outside world while held in a Cobb County jail. Brian Steel, Thug’s lawyer, argued that the success would impact his ability to defend his client.  

August 2022: Georgia DA Defends Usage Of Rap Lyrics As Evidence

District Attorney Fanni Wllis, who was presiding over Young Thug and Gunna’s case, stated that she intended to continue to cite lyrics in any criminal case. Despite criticism, she still stands by her words.

July 2022: Gunna All Smiles

Instead of appearing miserable, a video on the internet surfaced showing Gunna smiling and being positive while behind bars.

The “Drip Too Hard” rapper was shown in a video call with his godson and several other family members.

June 2022: Protecting Black Art + Thugger’s Bond Hearing

After the indictment of Young Thug and Gunna on RICO charges, Killer Mike joined the movement in protecting Black art. He also expressed his opinion on using lyrics as evidence in court and advocated respect for the Black community.

Earlier that month, The “Lifestyle” artist had a bond hearing before a judge at the Fulton County court. The question of his bond was discussed at length with testimony from a stellar lineup of witnesses. This included music executive Kevin Liles, a 15-year-old motivational speaker, and community activists. 

Despite it all, the judge denied the rapper’s bond, citing concerns about Thugger being a danger to the community, witnesses, and other people in the indictment. 

May 2022: The Indictment + Rap Lyrics As Evidence

Before his release, it appeared the “Banking On Me”  rapper was going to be behind bars until 2023 as he awaited trial. Gunna, Young Thug, and 26 other YSL members were named in a RICO indictment for murder, assault, robbery, and more.

May 23, 2022: The Use Of Lyrics In The Case

The prosecution was citing lyrics by the Grammy Award-winning rapper as evidence in a sweeping 56-count gang indictment. This rekindled the debate regarding lyrics being protected for free speech. 

Thug, born Jeffery Williams, and Gunna, born Sergio Kitchens, were swept up in a massive crackdown on 28 members of the YSL gang. 

May 23, 2022: Gunna Had To Wait Until Next Year For His Release

Before his release, it appeared the “Pushin P”  rapper was going to be behind bars until 2023 as he awaited trial.  Gunna, Young Thug, and 26 other YSL members were named in a RICO indictment for murder, assault, robbery, and more.

May 11, 2022: Gunna Turns Himself In 

Gunna surrendered to Fulton County, GA authorities on May 11, 2022, in connection with RICO charges leveraged against him. Kitchens was in custody alongside 28 members of the YSL street gang.

May 10, 2022: YSL Slammed With RICO Charges

Young Thug and Gunna were two of 28 people indicted in Georgia on conspiracy to violate the RICO Act. According to media reports, locals say the crackdown was a long-time coming.

The Sauce Factory Crew Facing RICO Charges

Meanwhile, Sauce Walka’s crew, The Sauce Factory, was hit with RICO charges. They were also charged with drug trafficking, a “glock switch,” and gun possession. Sauce Walka was not named in the case.

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