50 Cent Won’t Stop Roasting Donald Trump

It seems like such a long time ago that 50 Cent was in Donald Trump‘s corner. Whether he was serious about it or not, now that Trump is losing the election, 50 did what any bully and troll would do and piled on with the rest of the crowd that is clowning Trump on (presumably) his way out of the White House door.

50 Cent Uses Mock Magazine To Tease Trump

In the days leading up to the election, the New York rapper/actor/mogul suggested he’d support President Trump because he couldn’t live with Joe Biden‘s proposed tax plan. When pressed publicly by ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler, 50 flipped and said “F*** Donald Trump.” Now that Trump is trailing Biden, 50 has been making fun of him as he tends to do.


Was 50 Cent Serious About Supporting Trump?

Speaking to “The View,” Chelsea Handler said 50’s support of Trump was just a joke. “He called me and he wasn’t serious, he was just screwing around on his Twitter,” she said. “He is supporting Joe Biden, he made that very clear to me and he said that I was able to tell you girls and any other press that I did that he is supporting Joe Biden.

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50 Cent Refuses To Stop Trolling Young Buck

50 isn’t taking his digital foot off Young Buck‘s neck. The hip-hop veteran has continued to fuel the fire between their back-and-forth online war.

“caption this LOL” -50 Cent’s Twitter

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50 Cent refuses to leave Young Buck alone.

Let The Digital Feuding Commence

50 Cent’s attempt to poke fun at YB over a domestic incident was recently met with serious allegations from Buck.

“Somebody tell this b**** a** n**** 50cent Finish Dat Bowl of #FruitSteroids … and wrap ya Monthly Police Report Up … C.I #ConfidentialInformant Face A** … CURTIS … it’s me BUCK … don’t ever forget I Know U … and I Ain’t Got Started Yet.”