2 Chainz Loses One Of His Idols: “My OG Passed Away On Me Mannnn”

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz is mourning the death of his uncle. The platinum-selling artist went to social media to explain why he hasn’t quite been himself lately, revealing that he’s dealing with a loss.

2 Chainz Loses One Of His Idols

2 Chainz informed his Instagram followers that his Uncle T has passed away. Chainz said his uncle is one of his idols. Some fans pointed out that you can see some real twin vibes between the rapper and his beloved family member.

I’m only posting this cause people keep asking me what’s wrong with me I guess my energy a lil off !! 🙏🏿 My uncle , one of my idols ( I never told him that ) , My OG passed away on me mannnnn🥺 long live UNcle T💙💙…..

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2 Chainz Honors Kobe + Gigi Bryant On 1-Year Death Anniversary

The hip-hop veteran came forward on Jan. 26 to remember the life of late NBA icon Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi Bryant. Deuce went to his Instagram page to share a timeless shot of Kobe and his teenage daughter.


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2 Chainz remembers Kobe Bryant and Gigi.

2 Chainz Admits He’s Dealt With PTSD

2 Chainz recently talked about his belief that a large portion of Black men are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. He said men from the street typically have a form of PTSD.

“Most Black men from the streets suffer from PTSD , I’m speaking from experience”

2 Chainz’s Deluxe Version

Recently, Chainz went to his social media pages to share a huge teaser. While he didn’t give much details, Deuce asked fans if they’d be down for a revamped version of his So Help Me God LP.

“Deluxe or nah ? Any songs you wanna hear remixed off SHMG? ?????!!!!Oh yeh still waiting on dope art on the SHMG merch for these PS5 mudafucas” -2 Chainz’s Instagram