2 Chainz & Killer Mike Address Atlanta City Council On Nuisance Proposal

2 Chainz and Killer Mike addressed the Atlanta City Council in an attempt to save small businesses in Atlanta.

2 Chainz x Killer Mike

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The Atlanta rappers and businessmen stood before the Atlanta City Council to discuss the city’s nuisance proposal. 

The proposal was introduced by the city’s mayor, Andre Dickens, who insists that any establishment that gets two reports of violence or crime will get shut down.

“I like to be a blessing to others and that’s what my businesses have allowed me to do,” 2 Chainz(who introduced himself by his real name Tasheed Epps) said to the City Council before giving the microphone to Killer Mike.

“I was here May 10 and it doesn’t seem like we haven’t gotten much done, ” Killer Mike said, referring to an earlier city council meeting about the same matter.” 

Killer Mike expressed that this ordinance is hurtful to Black-owned small businesses. 

During his brief speech, he feels that it is hypocritical to shut small businesses down when other places in the city, such as Lenox Mall, have reports of violence year-round.

In addition, Killer Mike left a question for the city council while defending local business owners:

“Are we going to keep Atlanta a place where local people can grow or thrive here?”

After Killer Mike’s time was up, he was met with a round of applause from the audience.


Killer Mike And 2 Chainz Address Atlanta City Council On Nuisance Proposal

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Atlanta’s Very Own

Killer Mike is all for the protection of Atlanta as he proposed to “Protect Black Art’ back in June. 

He joined the movement that supports rappers’ lyrics being used in court after the indictment of Atlanta rappers Young Thug and Gunna on RICO charges.

Killer Mike is also no stranger to strong messages as well. In a symbolic video that looks like a battlefield, he released the song and video “Run” featuring Young Thug and an introduction from Dave Chappelle.