Turn To Hazeline Taffe For Inspiration: The Holy Awakening

A rare talent Hazeline Taffe shares some truly inspirational thoughts in her latest album called The Holy Awakening which is a collection of ten tracks. A combination of spiritual and gospel genres, Hazeline’s music is charged with intense emotions. At the same time, the melodic arrangement and the artist’s vocal performance are simply healing and empowering to listen to. Some of the stand-out tracks on the album are “My Holy Father I Adore” and “Jesus You Are” with tens of thousands of streams and counting.

Having previously released Finally, another album of ten songs, Hazeline Taffe has focused on singles like “Humanitarian Change” and “True Friend”. The artist has faced numerous challenges and hardships and has emerged stronger – these are the thoughts and emotions Hazeline puts into her music which is guaranteed to help her listeners get through tough times.

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